Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've never used the word "puerile" before, but this seems the right place to do it.

Hopefully this ridiculous waste of talent (unbelievable cast, some even uncredited, after seeing it, it's obvious why) strikes the death knell (also first time using that cliche) for second-grade-boys-room humor blockbuster comedies and returns filmmakers and comic film actors to addressing events and ideas that demand to be made fun of but nobody (in Hollywood films) is (rightwing Republican defenders of family values hiding affairs anyone?).

This column in today's NY Times is about a thousand times funnier than YEAR ONE, and Mel Gibson's APOCOLYPTO treats some of the same themes YEAR ONE tries to, and even with some young man's (or little boy's) sexual humor in an otherwise serious and great film (but the sexual humor bit is so totally original, I can't remember seeing it in a film before).

Any movie that makes me drag in Mel Gibson as an antidote has to be pretty bad. YEAR ONE is.

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