Monday, June 29, 2009


"There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and white. Or a rape." —Richard Nixon (reacting to Roe vs. Wade on newly released White House tapes—even sadder and dumber in light of our current president)


JIm said...

Nixon was wrong on a lot of issues. Infanticide, by doctors like Tiller, of infants resulting from rape, intermarriage or whatever is just another example of his poor judgment on many issues. It will be interesting to get insight into Sotomayor's opinion on abortion. I suspect it will be as unjust and unfair as her and her fellow judges summary judgment against the New Haven firemen.

I wonder if Nixon would have agreed with Obama on opposing the “Infant Born Alive Act”. Aah, even Nixon was probably not that evil.

John M. Lally said...

Conservatives don't care about Sotomayor's views on anything. All of this outrage, namecalling and nitpicking is manufactured. They are opposing this candidate for one reason alone: payback for Harriet Myers.

JIm said...

Hi John,
Harriet Myers was an unknown quantity for conservatives. She had no track record on issues like big govt., abortion etc. Conservatives like myself and talk radio went nuts and raised hell to George W. We wanted a competent true conservative with a track recore. Bush and Myers lost. Conservatives and the country won.