Thursday, September 17, 2009


Okay, I take back some of my criticism of Anderson Cooper on CNN allowing rightwingers to vent without challenge since he finally did force one to show his true "colors"—see it here. Though he could have followed up more forcefully. And Carville shouldn't have laughingly dismissed the guy.


JIm said...

“ on your blog, you say, you call the President an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief”

Obama’s stepfather is or was Indonesian and he was raised for a time as an Indonesian Muslim. Obama was the lawyer for the thug criminal organization ACORN. He hung out with and or promoted the racists, Rev. Wright and Farrakhan. Obama sided with the racist out of control Harvard professor and he assumed the cop was in the wrong and called him stupid. Obama hired the racist communist Van Jones and defended him against criticism. If Van Jones had not been revealed as a Truther he would still be an Obama Czar. You can tell a lot about a person from the company he keeps, as my Mom used to say.

Other than , “welfare” the guy on CNN seems to have gotten it exactly right. He did not even call him a Joker.

JIm said...

Wow! I wonder how Obama feels about his former client/employer and ally. It will be interesting to find out how many Democrats voted against their ally. If it includes liberals as well as Blue Dogs, that would be momentous.

House votes to defund ACORN
.By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press WASHINGTON – The House voted Thursday to deny all federal funds for ACORN in a GOP-led strike against the scandal-tainted community organizing group that comes just three days after the Senate took similar action.

tom said...

ACORN - BOO! enough to scare any righty oh, and fox- pushing the story of the worker who killed her husband - after it had already been shown that they had been punked -

yes, ACORN had some real problems - but it may turn out that the majority of the program was legit

I wonder why Sen. Vitter has been relatively silent on the issue - oh, sorry, forgot

(that was probably unfair to bring up - but then I didn't say I was fair and balanced) and for racism - well, I guess the great spokesman for the conservative movement proved the point. Rush and Beck - ha!

Harryn Studios said...

yeah right - good for cooper and another nail in the casket of 'responsible journalism' ...
these argumentative, talking head shows are getting to be a little much - petty, vanity forums for an ever increasing heap of opinions that continue to obscure the facts - the lawyers have taught americans to think the way they do - screw the facts, litigate the details, and compromise reality for the most profitable solution - truth is, there are racial prejudices in play - where's the need for debate ...
the other truth is, this ain't news - it's entertainment ...

JIm said...

Rush Limbaugh

Most Conservatives recognize humor and parody when they hear it. After all, Rush used to play a parody of Al Sharpton singing “ Barak the Magic Negro”(term Magic Negro was originally from a black LA Times columnist) and liberals never got that either and went wild and shouted “Racism”. It takes a mind that is capable of looking at politics through the prism of humor and irony. Liberals are incapable of humor unless it insults conservatives, impugns the marital fidelity of a conservative governor and accuses teenage girls of sexual improprieties. Here is the transcript to the segregated bus remark. I will label the humor and irony sections so the Liberal mind can comprehend.

Part 1
RUSH: Hey, look, folks, the white kid on that bus in Belleville, Illinois, he deserved to be beat up. You don't know about this story? Oh, there's video of this. The school bus filled with mostly black students beat up a white student a couple of times with all the black students cheering. Of course the white student on the bus deserved the beating. He was born a racist. That's what Newsweek magazine told us in its most recent cover. It's Obama's America, is it not? Obama's America, white kids getting beat up on school buses now. You put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety but in Obama's America the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, "Yay, right on, right on, right on, right on," and, of course, everybody says the white kid deserved it, he was born a racist, he's white. Newsweek magazine told us this. We know that white students are destroying civility on buses, white students destroying civility in classrooms all over America, white congressmen destroying civility in the House of Representatives.

(humor and irony below)
We can redistribute students while we redistribute their parents' wealth. We can redistribute everything. Just return the white students to their rightful place, their own bus with bars on the windows and armed guards. They're racists. They get what they deserve. Newsweek magazine told us this, post-racial America. I wonder if Obama is going to come to the defense the assailants the way he did his friend Skip Gates up there at Harvard. I mean the assailants are presumed innocent due to the white racism we all know runs rampant in America. The Drive-By Media is ginning up all this criticism of Obama. Again today it's all based in racism, the criticism of Obama's health care plan or whatever, it's all based in racism and so, if he's going to apologize for America, Obama needs to apologize for the right reasons. White Americans are racists who have created what they call free markets that really just enslave the rest of America and her trading partners. It was white Americans that ran off Van Jones.

JIm said...

Rush Limabugh transcript- Part 2

(humor and irony below)
Look, this thing on the bus cannot possibly be a hate crime. The cops are probably lying about what happened even though we have the video. The video was probably doctored and edited. We all know that cops are liars, racist pigs and that the white kid deserved it. I mean that's modern 2009 going into 2010 America.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Hey, I just was commenting on the Belleville incident with the kids on the bus. You're right. They did report that last night as being racially motivated, but I just heard the news before your show started and the police chief over -- I think he was a police chief, some law enforcement -- there said that after further investigation of it would be not racially motivated. He said he should have been more professional before he commented on it and investigated it more before he decided and stated that it was racially motivated.

RUSH: Well, did he say why, in Obama's America, that incident with the white kid getting beat up on the black school bus was not racially motivated?

CALLER: I hear him comment about that. No, sir.

RUSH: Because we've seen the videotape. Have you seen the videotape?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, sure.

RUSH: We can't hear what's being said.


RUSH: So we don't know what obvious taunts this lone white student was dishing out to the whole bus.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We don't know what obvious taunts.

CALLER: Right.

(humor and irony)
RUSH: Worse than the obvious verbal taunts, we all know the racism that was in the kid's mind. I mean Newsweek magazine says he was born a racist. So you know the white kid is sitting there thinking N-word and all kinds of things being surrounded by these black students. They knew that. They knew that and so they just descended on the kid and beat him up. We've seen the videotape. What did the police chief investigate?

CALLER: He did not comment on anything other than he said more investigations shows that it was not racially motivated.

RUSH: I think the guy is wrong I think not only was it racism, it's justifiable racism.

RUSH: I mean, that's the lesson that we're being taught here today. Kid shouldn't have been on the bus anyway.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We need segregated buses. It was invading of space and so forth. This is Obama's America.

CALLER: Yes. Could I ask another question, not related to this issue?

JIm said...

I posted the response to Butch, accusing Rush of a racist remark, in the wrong place. Butch, you might go to the original source before you accuse someone of racisim again. That racism thing you liberal lite weights are pushing, just amplifies the shallowness of you arguments for a Socialist America.

Butch in Waukegan said...

Since Jim responded here to my comment on another post, here is my original comment:

Limbaugh: We need segregated buses

Jim asserts ”Most Conservatives recognize humor and parody when they hear it.”

It’s a toss up, are right wing kooks (Limbaugh's audience) known more for their humor or their spelling?

Seriously, use your word processor on the transcript of Limbaugh’s rant (which Jim finds hilarious) and do a word substitution: “Christian” for “white” and “Jew” for “black”.

How funny would that be?

JIm said...

The transcript is from Rush's site. Take it up with him. Butch, you are still a jerk and a light weight for throwing the racism charge around without substantiation and just relying on your loony left sites.

JIm said...

Here is an interesting look at Rednecks and Racists

You might be a racist if ...

Jonathan Gurwitz

Comic Jeff Foxworthy hit it big in 1993 with the album “You Might Be a Redneck If ... ” highlighting his one-line observations about life in rural America. If you've ever cut your grass and found a car, Foxworthy counseled, you might be a redneck. If you see a sign that says “Say no to crack” and it reminds you to pull up your jeans, you might be a redneck.
Along with spawning follow-up albums, books, a movie, even a board game, Foxworthy created a whole new genre of instructional comedy. A universe of jokes now exists helping people identify their inclusion in various groups. You might be the resident of a particular state, an adherent of a religious denomination, a practitioner of a profession — you name it — if ...

Now some politicians and pundits are trying to get in on the act. Members of Congress, a New York Times columnist and even a former president are sharing their one-liners. Only, unlike Foxworthy, the jokes this group of clowns is telling aren't funny.

You might be a racist if you disagree with President Barack Obama. ……..or if you write that the public option “could cover all abortions if the administration chooses, and as Obama once promised,” as the Annenberg Public Policy Center's does, you could be a closet Klansman.

You might be a racist if you think ACORN, the community organizing group mired for years in controversy, isn't worthy of taxpayer money and that it can't be trusted to help conduct the 2010 census. So if you vote to strip federal funding from ACORN, as 83 senators and 345 representatives did — including a total of 221 Democrats — and if you write a letter severing ACORN's relationship with the census, as President Obama's own nominee to head the Census Bureau did, you could be a goose-stepping white supremacist.

You might be a racist if you think Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., is unfit to serve as the nation's chief tax writer.
Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, failed to disclose rental income and pay state or federal taxes on a vacation villa in the Dominican Republic and failed to disclose bank accounts with balances up to $1 million. So if you write that “mounting embarrassment for taxpayers and Congress makes it imperative that Representative Charles Rangel step aside,” as the New York Times editorial page did, you could be a member of the Aryan Nations.

You might be a racist if you call Kanye West a jackass. But that was President Obama himself. Could the nation's first black president, whose election was supposed to usher in an age of post racial reconciliation, really be racist? It's an absurd proposition that shows just how absurdly easy it is for people to play the race card when they lack the ability or inclination to debate an issue on its merits.

JIm said...

Words of Wisdom on racism and disadvantages, from Thomas Sowell

How to be an underdog and win
Thomas Sowell
Posted: September 22, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

"But was Lombardi really an underdog? How many players end up their careers with a lifetime batting average over .300 or with two batting titles? Like most of us, Lombardi was handicapped in some ways and privileged in others.

Many people would consider it a handicap to be a black orphan, born in the Jim Crow South during the Great Depression of the 1930s. But the home into which I was adopted had four adults, and I was the only child. Many years later, when I was a parent and asked one of the surviving members of that family how old I was when I started walking, she said: "Oh, Tommy, nobody knows when you could walk. Somebody was always carrying you."

Nobody sugar-coated the facts of racial discrimination. But professor Sterling Brown of Howard University, who wrote with eloquent bitterness about racism, nevertheless said to me when I prepared to transfer to Harvard: "Don't come back here and tell me you didn't make it 'cause white folks were mean."

One of the problems with trying to help underdogs, especially with government programs, is that they and everyone else start to think of them as underdogs, focusing on their problems rather than their opportunities. Thinking of themselves as underdogs can also dissipate their energies in resentments of others, rather than spending that energy making the most of their own possibilities."