Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What scares me about this is the infiltration into our armed services of not just fundamentalist so-called "Christian" beliefs and perspectives—where the Bible trumps the Constitution, the exact opposite of what the Founders intended—but also the so-called "Christian" fundamentalist linked rightwing political beliefs and perspectives—where rightwing ideology trumps the Constitution and intent of the Founders, as demonstrated by their refusal to accept that the majority voted in Obama and now it's his turn to try his policies to solve the problems he inherited by the other side's eight years in office.

I'd like to see one of those SEVEN DAYS IN MAY or DR. STRANGELOVE films of the '60s that pinpointed the logical outcome of the rightwing paranoia of those days remade and updated to reflect the current developments on the rightwing paranoia front. I actually have read rightwing commentary that blames Obama for the "too big to fail" bailout policy calling it "socialist" but not acknowledging that the policy was initiated by the Bush Junior rightwing Republican administration and proud defenders of so-called "capitalism" (better called corporate socialism)!

PS: Just watched the evening news, switching around the channels to see what the networks and major cable outlets are saying and can't believe the fuss they're making over a Democratic Congressman from Florida who used the term "Neanderthals" for Republican obstructionists and points out they don't have any healthcare plan beyond "Don't get sick, and if you do die quickly!" Somehow his criticism in this form the newtworks find equal to the rightwing attacks on Obama! On CNN Wolf Blitzer kept ignoring the Congressman's cogent and humorous criticisms of Republicans for their obstructionism to pummel him with confrontational arguments questioning the literalism of the Congressman's criticisms (as if the righwingers don't take all their attacks literally! i.e. Obama's citizenship credentials, accusations of "socialism" for a very mild and moderate form of "capitalism" etc.)!! (Probably ordered by Blitzer's superiors since CNN's attempt to not criticize the right has left them behind FOX in the ratings lately.)


JIm said...

Only a Liberal could be more afraid of people who go to church and raise their kids in concert with Judea Christian values like the Founders obviously valued. Religious value and references were important enough to the Founders to include them in our Founding Documents. That is evil to a liberal, but Socialism, Chavez, Castro, child pornography, Roman the Hollywood Polish rapist, Che Guevara, curtailment of free speech through the Fairness Doctrine is good. The original ideals of Liberalism have been turned upside down.

Lally said...

When I was in the service, all religions and those who were not religious at all were accepted. Now, in too many outfits, it is required to pray together and acknowledge that the fundamentalist version of Christianity is the only accepted version of faith. Religious fundamentalism of any kind is dangerous, as rightwinger obviously believe when it comes to Islam. Most of the founders did not believe in the Bible literally and many didn't even believe in God in any way similar to rightwing fundamentalist Christians. As for the other charges, they're baseless regarding "liberals" in general and even more so regarding the "liberals" in the Democratic Party, especially those holding office. The original ideas of conservatism are what have been turned upside down. But arguing with you is pointless Jim, you have no capacity for logic or for facts, only for ideology. Your kind of rightwing ideology I do find very frightening, because it has given rise to most of the actual terrorism we have seen in this country since it's founding, but in particular in my lifetime. As in the Oklahoma bombing, and the recent murders of the innocent guard at the Holocaust Museum, the two policeman in Pennsylvania, the abortion doctor who was not breaking any law of this democratic country but only of certain people's interpretation of the Bible (note that the righwingers base their anti-abortion stand on the Old testament, which is known as "the Jewish Bible" but that most Jewish scholars see nothing in it that would ban abortion, or homosexuality etc.). I won't respond again, but if you make baseless and vicious lying claims about those who oppose the rightwing attempts to not just delegitimize our properly elected president and call those who support his policies supporters of buffoons like Chavez and "child pornography" etc. I will delete your comments again. Get your own blog or leave your comments on the Glen Beck web site et. al.

Ed Baker said...

old Chinese saying (I just made up):

when toilet
full of dreck

we lost "it" when we murdered and rapped the American Indians and their land..

all in the name of Religion and Greed.

so much

the dogmas we

which are pure
Movements and Imagination...

the surreal is what tends to become
the real...

Butch in Waukegan said...

What evidence is there that libruls support Polanksi or pedophilia?

There’s tons of evidence that Republicans are hypocrites when it comes to the values they espouse. I know the Alley’s resident authoritarian is familiar with at least one.

Check this out and count how many Republican crimes involve underage kids.

JIm said...

Liberal political discussion tactics are to not have a discussion and rather than refute an argument, attack the other side personally. You do that very well. You are a wonderful example of a modern Democrat in the Pelosi/Reid/Obama mode. Your tactics are however a disgrace to logic and learning that you received from Fr. Martin and the brothers on High St.

Ed Baker said...

wanna know how to
chop down a Cherry Tree?

I will, willy-nilly,
tell yon stroke (chop) at a time

with a well honed axe

hope you get the gist of my multi-layered metaphor..

not a great one but, what is?