Tuesday, September 22, 2009




Ed Baker said...

is this
film Nowoire?

I can hardly wait for this to be on msnbc!

I can hardly wait for the Disney version of... anything!

Rothenberg and Meltzer will bee her next week for about a week...

a fucking breath fresh air!

their Rockpile. I just hop that they are not underwhelmed by the morons who reside in D.C.

I' certainly be there... at both Thwe Writer's Center
and Busboys and Poets/// for those who 'dig it'

Ed Baker said...

pee est

since you are in film

pray tel:

I am now watching
Robin Hood. GAWD!
when did it become a color film! when did "they ruin it?

Claude Rains in color?

is this Ted Turner's greedy doing? now fucking respect for anything now seems to be the norm. when did this film become color? I can't get over this.

what a dumbing down!!!