Friday, September 11, 2009


Up in the "'Shire" for the weekend after a long rainy drive. But here's a link to commemorate what the ringtwing does to he seriousness of this day and its meaning for those who lost loved ones to the attack. (I only lost friends, not family.)


tom said...

Where I live, AmeriCorps used the National Day of Service to honor and thank our local heroes - our EMT's and firefighters - many of whom are volunteers. Really evil, eh.

JIm said...

ACORN is now offering mortgage help for prostitutes in Brooklyn, DC and in Baltimore. You would think that even slow liberals could understand that our tax dollars should not go to this organization.

JIm said...

Hello Lefties,

Have any of you noticed that the Senate voted to deny funds to ACORN? It would truly be a miracle if Pelosi’s House followed suit. Rangel, Dodd, Frank, have failed to pay a price for their payoffs and tax evasion, so it is unlikely. Politicians tend to, and particularly House Democrats, defend donors and supporters above all else.

Tea Partiers turned out 60,000 to 80,000 according to the D.C. Fire department. According to most reports, the crowd was made up of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. That comports with previous polls of percentage of Liberals, Conservatives and Independents in America. Most seemed to be concerned with the growth of the Federal Government debt and the interference of that Government in their every day lives. I wonder if politicians of both parties will take notice. It will be interesting and I believe vital to the Republic that the movement continue in this hour of great peril for the free enterprise system and Constitutional guarantees of individual freedom.

Obama proposed a solution to future financial problems by proposing to regulate more. There was not a shortage of regulations. There was a reluctance of government to enforce existing regulations and a propensity of politicians to protect campaign donors like FNMA, AIG etc. Government loosened margin requirements and lending standards and Wall Street did the rest.