Sunday, September 27, 2009


The last list, in which I included Ted Berrigan’s TRAIN RIDE, started me thinking about two-word book titles in which each word only has one syllable. So I made that the requirement for last night’s list (as well as the usual, that they have to be books I dig (including plays in book form since that’s how I know many plays and sometimes prefer them), and I couldn’t use “the” or “a”—too easy) (I’ve done something close to this in the past but not exactly, so some titles popped right up in my mind but the rest I had to dig for, which is the point, because it helps me fall asleep much easier, which I obviously did leaving a lot of blanks):

BLACK SPRING by Henry Miller, BIG SUR by Jack Kerouac and BLUE SKIES by Simon Schuchat
DARK BROWN by Michael McClure
END GAME by Samuel Beckett [Woops. I've been reminded by Ray DiPalma that ENDGAME is one word. Should have checked it on my bookshelves before I wrote this up. In my mind it was two words. Oh well. Ray also reminded me that there's a Beckett work called EH JOE that actually fits the bill. So thanks Ray!]
FILM NOIR by Bruce Andrews (although the way the Irish say “fillum” some would say that’s two syllables, but not in upscale “American”)
HEART BEAT by Carolyn Cassady and HIS LIFE by Glen Baxter
IN TIME by Robert Kelly and IN THRALL by Jane Delynn
JACK’S BOOK by Barry Gifford & Lawrence Lee
KING LEAR by William Shakespeare
LUNCH POEMS by Frank O’Hara, LET’S GO! By Otto Rene Costillio, LIGHT YEARS by Merrill Gilfillan and LIGHTS OUT by Geoffrey Young
MAN’S FATE by Andre Malraux
NIGHT SHIFT by Carl Hanni
OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder
RIP RAP by Gary Snyder and RAW DEAL by Jerome Sala
SOME TREES by John Ashbery, SOME DO by Jane Delynn, STRONG PLACE by Tim Dlugos, SMILE PLEASE by Jean Rhys and SUNG SEX by Kenward Elmslie and Joe Brainard
THANK YOU by Kenneth Koch, THESE DAYS by Lee Lally, THREE POEMS by John Ashbery and TRAIN RIDE by Ted Berrigan
UP FRONT by Bill Mauldin
WHITE MULE by William Carlos Williams
YOU BET! By Ted Greenwald

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Ed Baker said...

At Fault Kate Chopin

Call Loan O'Henry

Gold Bug Poe

Poor Folk Dostoevsky

Quai Seed Saki

Xin Gu Edith Wharton

Zoot Suit Luis Valdez