Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here's an entire post from Paul Krugman on his blog yesterday noting the anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the beginning of the financial free fall (only stopped after Obama and the Dems took over). It was titled "Happy Lehman Day!":

"I’m puzzled: shouldn’t the papers this morning be full of retrospectives about The Event That Ended The Economy As We Knew It? (Not to mention the event that guaranteed an Obama election win.)

Or have the financial media decided to go along with the prevailing public view that none of this happened until after Obama was inaugurated?"

Krugman's correct. I watched the news on several networks and cable and saw almost no mention of this anniversary, as opposed to Katrina and 9/11, which of course were more spectacular and immediately catastrophic, not to add deadly. But all three were significant bellwethers of what was wrong with the Bush/Cheney years and policies and each has had a lasting effect but none on more people worldwide than the collapse of Lehman Brothers and all it augured.

(And another thing the media never mentions, but Bill Maher pointed out the other night on the Larry King Show in a really terrific interview, the most appealing I've ever seen Maher, someone I often agree with but whose personality bugs me, this time it didn't, he seemed almost subdued and definitely a lot less snarky and or willing to go for the cheap shot as he too often does—anyway, as he pointed out, Obama has gone for twenty-one months now with no attacks on the US so he has "protected" the country and "kept us safe"—to use their terms—for over twice as long as Bush/Cheney did).


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Thank you Michael. Let's put the timer on to see how long it takes Jim to "refudiate" this "socialist, communist, unAmerican" lie of yours.

-K- said...

Previously you were doing quotes and today its Krguman so I'll combine the two with one of my favorite quotes from Krugman:

Politics determines who has the power, not who has the truth.

Shem The Penman said...

If beauty is truth and the truth will set you free, does that mean that beauty will set you free?
No, but enough money will.

Shem The Penman

JIm said...
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