Tuesday, September 14, 2010


And here's a good article/review about why that is. And here's another.


JIm said...

I never thought I would ever agree with A. Huffington, but the Tea Party message to those who will listen is that we want a return to Constitutional government with the checks on the Federal government that the Founders provided for with the 10th Amendment. We trust free enterprise and are suspicious of government, again as the Founders were. Karl Rove and John Cornyn went nasty on Christine O'Donnell last night because their hand picked RHINO candidate was defeated. Rove and powerfull Washington Republicans have backed RHINO candidates like Lincoln Chaffee and Arlen Spector and others of their ilk. With the explosion of the internet we conservatives no longer need to support Republican organizations but can go through alternative organizations like The Club for Growth, Tea Party Groups, Jim Demint's orgaization etc. I believe the Conservative movement will emerge stronger but the outcome is not guaranteed, but that is OK. I prefer the freedom of the market place of ideas led by a motivated grass root organization to a top directed organization that has often strayed from its core principles in the past.

PS: K is right to the extent that we are plain but motivated folks. I believe frightened is a less accurate description than is determined.

PS All the insults that liberals hurl at us like: liars, racists gun toten vilolent revolutionaries that are threat to civil peace is just bunk. There has been violence from SEIU but none (that I am aware of) from any Tea Party group.

"But Arianna's not just crying in her beer. The final section of the book details a series of fixes, which include: Campaign financing. Citizen activism, with less reliance on politicians as saviors and more on ourselves as the agents of change."

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

In light of Jim's certainty of "Tea Party" electoral domination, I am starting a free enterprise business to manufacture and distribute auction blocks, shackles and whips. Manufacturing will be done overseas for payment approximately one tenth of minimum wage by people prohibited from entering the U.S. by the victorious tea partiers. Anyone interested in investing in this startup venture please respond.

Robert Berner said...

If "Jim" has the courage of his own convictions, he'll be the first in line to invest in Robert Zuckerman's slave-market equipment manufacturing scheme.
Bob B.

JIm said...

There is no such thing as certainty at ballot box or the playing field. That is why they run the election and play the game.