Saturday, September 4, 2010


I always liked Krugman's occasional columns in the NY Times. But then my oldest son, Miles, turned me on to his daily blog with sometimes multiple posts in one day, many as witty as anything on The Daily Show, and some with links to, or embedded videos and music and other articles, including from The Onion, that add another smile to my day. Now he's part of my daily reading and always hits the mark (as in this column from Thursday's Times).

He's a really intelligent man, not simply a brilliant economist. He not only deserved the Nobel Prize he received in economics, he deserves a bigger voice and more influence in the Obama administration.

But because the economic evidence he constantly offers to back up his appeals for specific political choices and policies often go against shortsighted corporate greed in favor of the greater good, he is naturally systematically attacked by rightwing mouthpieces and their dittoheads (see the attacks on Krugman that appear regularly from the right in the comments threads on this blog).

However, anyone with any capability for reason and logic will have a hard time disagreeing with Krugman's conclusions nor deny his mastery of economic theory and fact. Ignoring him has proven to be a mistake from the beginning of his career. Even more so now that his abilities have matured and he's acquired even more evidence in support of his arguments for the kinds of policies that will benefit all of us instead of just the wealthiest few.


JIm said...

As a proud dittohead mouthpeace, I rise to defend sanity against the nutty Krugman and the destructiveness of Obamanomics.

History shows us that lowering the cost of doing business and freeing the private sector to do what it does best, works. Cutting taxes worked for Cooledge, Kennedy, Reagan and George W. Massive government and raising taxes did not work for Hoover, FDR and LBJ.

If the US follows Krugman's advice and massively expand an already massive federal debt, the interest on that debt will thoroughly destroy the American way of life. Interest rates are low to near zero now. When the economy eventually begins to recover the borrowing cost will likely double and triple thus burying America. Of course, as advocates of socialism, burying America may be Obama's goal.

Anonymous said...


the "American Way of Life" - -haven't you noticed? --

is not now much more than a nearly "deadman-floating"

being kept "alive" by fantasy and intravenous
drugs (like TV 'reality' shows, Detroit Lemons, cute jingles and sexy girls) and funny-money and
Bull-Shit wars...

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Unregulated business will screw you, your kids and your grandma out of every last penny without remorse. By nature it is greedy, spineless, devoid of character and integrity. Without government you're either the screw-er or the screw-ee, most of us being the latter. That's why we're in this mess. I want to live in a country where no one is denied needed medical care, everyone has a roof over their heads and food to eat, where guns are banned and dialog is fostered, where non stop violence is banned from the mass media (where what should be unthinkable - shooting, hurting, killing others - has become all too thinkable), where tolerance, understanding and enlightenment are cultivated (as opposed to intolerance, ignorance and bigotry) and we (the people of this land)inspire others by example and not by self rightousness and domination.

Anonymous said...

I second that Robert!!!!! Well put.

JIm said...

Robert and Caitlan,

You could say the same thing about government with many examples of government and politicians have done massive harm to the economy and society. Obamanomics is a case in point.