Saturday, October 9, 2010


Up in the Berkshires for the weekend with no charger for the laptop, so this'll be brief. Celebrating my youngest becoming a teenager at a gig his older brother's band played, and his sister baked his favorite pumpkin pie for.

Not all went smoothly, given several kids, the lapses still post-brain surgery in my abilities to organize group gatherings, and the fact that the temperature dropped to 45 degrees in the course of the evening at a what was an outdoor event at which the portable hearts weren't all working, etc.

[Wow. Posted this before I saw that my fingers wrote "hearts" when my mind intended "heaters"—more poetic post-brain-op "mistakes" etc.]

But the ride up and the views at the event of multi-colored hillsides and mountains and nearby woods...priceless. Not to mention hearing my son's terrific band, Bell Engine, and seeing family and friends. Worth whatever effort it took, which wasn't much besides a trip that is my favorite drive and the price of some burgers and sweet potato fries.

Also seemed like the perfect way to celebrate what would have been John Lennon's 70th, as everyone knows by now. (Can't wait to see the new flick due out soon about the years when he first began playing music and eventually formed The Beatles.)


Elisabeth said...

This sounds like a wonderful event, Michael, and the typo is apt.

It's about heart and minds and brains and bodies and so much more besides. Thanks.

-K- said...

Wow - "portable hearts" I love that phrase.

Jamie Rose said...

Yes. Thank god for portable hearts. And typos.


Anonymous said...

while you were playing

China bought 1/3 of Chesapeake Energy!

no need to 'out-source' "they" are coming here...

doesn't seem to matter a 'tinker's damn' which party is driving our "buss'!

like religion...

Politics is
b o l o g n a

Lally said...

W, K & J, thanx for sharing my delight in my new brain's creative mistakes.
As for "Anonymous"—if it doesn't matter which party is driving the bus, then we can conclude that Gore would have ignored his own warnings about an imminent Al Queda attack on the USA and invaded Iraq as per the Republicans pre-9/11 plans and Nixon wasn't any worse than any Democrat and Mondale would have busted the unions like Reagan etc. etc. Only someone who has been thoroughly brainwashed by the right and its influenced on the media can deduce that nothing matters in politics (or only the right's version does, etc.). Tiresomely dimwitted even for my post-op brain.