Saturday, October 2, 2010


So our new Republican governor of New Jersey not only allowed a huge federal education grant to slip through his fingers, after cutting education funding in the state, he also decided to let the tax breaks for movie and TV show productions lapse, "zeroing out" NJ's digital media and film program, and as one of my entertainment unions put it in their newsletter:

"New Jersey heard from everyone in the entertainment community, labor, industry, studio facility owners, small businesses. The story was always the same: the incentives create jobs that produce tax revenue. And the revenue produced is far in excess of what is provided through tax incentives."

NJ decided to defund the program anyway, and within one day of that decision Law and Order SVU left the state of New Jersey, where it had been shooting, for Manhattan, and the facility where Mercy had been shot will also remain empty. Meanwhile, broke New York state recognizes that the entertainment biz is one of the few successful exports the states and the United States have/has, so continued their tax breaks, and more productions are moving there as a result.

Man these Republicans are so smart when it comes to business and the economy!


JIm said...

"Law and Order" has descended into liberal sop. I enjoyed the old versions with Michael Moriarity.

I suspect the election will not turn on tv shows. The Northeast has become fertile ground for the Tea Party and Republicans.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Of course, makes total sense that you would prefer the version with a homophobic, racist primitive. And that once again, you would ignore the facts presented in favor of your autopilot ignorance. See Jim, you're not the only one who can name call, butthead.

JIm said...

You sound like you have gone of your meds. I was not aware that I called someone a bad name, like, you know, racist, liar or buthead. I wish you and your family a happy Sunday.