Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Back in the '60s when "free jazz" took hold, Marion Brown was one of the most emblematic success stories—in terms of musical originality in what a lot of folks saw as a free-for-all atmosphere in jazz and its death knell. Brown brought an intelligence and spirit of common communication to his improvisations that marked him for a lot of us as the next incarnation.

That period crashed along with much of what was brilliant in the experimentation in the arts that characterized the '60s. But the music of Marion Brown still resonates when I hear it, or even just see the image above of him in his prime.

[PS: Here's the NY Times obit.]


Miles said...


That's an evocative album cover photo. I checked his bio at and saw he played with Bill Dixon who also recently passed. Small world.

Lally said...

Sure is. That album cover was around out apartment in Hyattsville when you were little. I liked to place some covers outward so people could see them, that being one of them. Emory Place too. It would be in your memory bank I would think.