Monday, October 25, 2010


People have been telling me for a while I have to read the Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi. Which I've done, and found that he had a good personal writing style and that I mostly agree with him.

But it wasn't until I stumbled on this article about the Tea Party from October 12th, that I got why people keep telling me this. Though it contains some of the language I've been trying to avoid and telling others to, so as not to get this blog flagged or upset the minors, it's worth the risk.

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JIm said...

Taibbi, rightly criticizes some hypocracy of some Tea Party Folks. I am sure every one is aware that there is also hypocracy on the left. Next Tuesday's result will most likely turn on programs most of the electorate are against and on the perception that big intrusive,out of control government, is heading for bankruptcy. There is little confidence that Democrats can turn it around.
There is hope that the Republicans, with the discipline of the Tea Party, will bring us back from the brink that is Obamanomics.