Friday, October 29, 2010


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JIm said...

The man's premise is wrong. There are high profile liberals on Fox. There is free discussion of liberal and conservative views. There are Conservative Opinion shows, but what is interesting is that liberals are invited on to present and defend the philosophy. There is also Greta who has more liberal than conservative roots and who is very fair to the point it is hard to discern how she votes. You see little of that fair presentation of views on MSNBC or NPR etc.

"Fox News: a hermetically sealed bubble of unquestionable absolutes, with sacred sages, approved opinions, official history, bright-line boundar"

Loyeen said...


FYI-Just mailed my ballot and countered all of Jim's choices. I hope all of the sensible voters get out and vote. At least the ones that can think for themselves and not live for Fox news to think for them. This could be as scary as ten years ago.


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Jim, can you please cite specific examples of balanced presentation and respect thereof on Fox.

Also, Greta has gone over, like Jon Voight and Dennis Miller, to mindless, fear based, windup banter. Both Miller and Greta have found a way to make money with this. I wouldn't be surprised if they're like the gangsta rappers who come of all tough because it sells but in reality grew up in the suburbs and live in Brentwood or Scardsdale.

JIm said...

Unfortunately Hannity and Colmes no longer exists. In its place, he has a panel, the strongest liberal on that panel is a former football player who I believed worked for Clinton or Carter. I can not remember his name. O'Reilly has famously had Obama and Barney Frank. He regularly has liberals and conservatives on. He is unpleasant to both. Shepherd Smith does a strickly news program. I can not tell his party affiliation. I suspect he is a Democrat. I find him uninteresting. Greta is more balanced than when she was on CNN, however I believe she leans liberal. If ratings are indication of viewers trust, Fox is way ahead of their competition.