Saturday, April 23, 2011


Another sweet shot, this one from old friend and poet/producer/artist/director/writer/therapist(et-believe-it-or-not-cetera) Even Brandstein:

[PS: some friends say this doesn't really look like me
but it's such an interesting shot the way the light
fades my forehead and hair out into one bright
top of the head glow that flows into the background
I thought I'd throw it up here for all to see]


Loyeen said...

I'm sure it was an awesome night. Wish I could have been there. It would be nice to meet you in person. Hopefully one day you'll make it to Colorado. There are alot of nice people out here. Hope your feeling better. Happy Easter (not sure if you celebrate it, so Happy Sunday if not.)


Lally said...

Thanks Loyeen. I do celebrate it, so Happy Easter to you as well.