Friday, April 22, 2011


What a delight! So many old friends, and new too, showed up to support me. A wonderful introduction by poet Vincent Katz, whose invitation to read at another poetry event back on March 18th, 2003 inspired me to write the long poem named for that date, on the eve of the invasion of Iraq.

This time Vincent's invitation inspired another long poem, but not quite as long and I wasn't too sure it worked, until I began reading it and could feel that it was generating the kinds of reactions it was meant to.

Lots of surprises, people I hadn't seen in twenty years or thirty in one case (hey Lisa). What was especially nice is, as is often the case, I wove subjects and experiences from today in with events and experiences from the past and there were people with personal connections to me and the past experiences I sometimes referred to, and they were unexpected presences, I was surprised and so pleased to see again.

It's as though giving myself over to the process of creation for that specific event, I intuited their presence or the memories their presence would evoke before they showed up and I even realized it. If you get what I mean. One of the mysteries of art that makes it so sacred to me. I don't mean mine necessarily, though that too, but just the unexpected connections the universe provides if we're open to the possibilities.

Not to get too abstract. When the poem is published online or off, and eventually maybe I'll put it up on my web site, I'll let you know, but meanwhile thanks for all the good wishes and support from those there and unable to be, you were all with me in spirit and in fact I specifically addressed the love I have for my friends even if I don't always express it.

Here's a beautiful shot one friend who was there (the great artist and musicmaker Paul Harryn) took, and I hope he doesn't mind my sharing here:


Anonymous said...

It goes without saying, I wish I had been there:))


tpw said...

Dear M:
Congratulations. I knew it would be a great night. Wish I had been there.

Lally said...

Wish you both were, and you were missed!

Elisabeth said...

So good to see you, even though we could not hear you, up and about in the public sphere once more.

Zuckster said...

Love this photo, your stance is of someone at one with where you're supposed to be, in your element, relaxed and present, in league with words and thoughts. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been to your reading. And by the way, I really enjoy Lally's Alley. You help to keep us informed. Thank you so much!

Lally said...

Thanks E. & Robert & Anon.