Friday, June 10, 2011


Thanks to Tim for sending me the link to this Colbert bit. For the best laugh, watch it to the end.


tpw said...

She is such a laughable, ignorant moron, yet she gets away with it. She's really no worse than W., though, when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

sure glad you linked to this

I for one
always thought that Paul Revere was the one who
'rode naked with his long-blond-hair hanging dow
threw the streets of Boston and
who-ever looked at his naked body
turned into Sarah Palin !

as everybody knows, the British DID NOT take our arms ... they tok Palin's brain !

&, God help us whoever She may be if this Moron
becomes our next president or worse Secretary of Education !

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Funny but scary that people like Deleted Jim actually take her seriously. If she had an ounce of integrity and true patriotism, she'd step away from the media and devote herself to her family and to educating herself.

JIm said...
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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

On the one hand, shame on the media for giving her attention, on the other hand, it lets us see her true colors and how ill equipped she is to run her own family, let alone a municipality, state or nation. Maybe she could govern Uranus, and the deleted one could be minister of propaganda.

JIm said...
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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Jim, how does it feel to be a complete ignorer of facts and reality? How does it feel to be disconnected from truth and be completely unable to acknowledge when you are flat out wrong? How does it feel to be a hypocrit who cries foul about others and then does the very things he cries foul about? Nowhere do I see anyone in these comments or in Stephen Colbert's much needed piece, mentioning Sarah Palin's child. Only giving examples of her scary, pathetic lack of intelligence, integrity and soul, which seem to be qualities you admire in her. If she possessed any of the above - intelligence, integrity or soul, she would step out of the public eye and devote herself to quietly caring for her family.

JIm said...
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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

How can you, a self proclaimed student of history, stand there and say this woman has the intelligence, knowledge of history and ability to be a leader? Her escapades are completely self serving and her utterances dangerous and irresponsible, female, male or otherwise. Get real Jim.

Anonymous said...

seems to me that she is just "doing the American Dream"

making a lot of money
most likely pass on to her children

get it all in an Irrevocable Trust Fund

so that her now Millions of dollars will
be out of her estate and move on TAX FREE !

when she gets old and gray
she will qualify LEGALLY

for both Medicare AND Medicaid

and will be "grandfathered" into Social Security

She has something to sell
and people are buying it ...

THAT IS The American Way !

Let Freedom Ring

after all

it is ALL Entertainment & the stuff of Hollywood " Fantasy

(those bells "made in China"

Lally said...

Sorry Robert, but your comments will have to be out of context since the ones they are responding to have been too riddled with lies to allow to stand. I have a lot of faults, some more obvious than others, as does Obama and many Democratic Senators and Representatives and voters in general, but the ones the right usually (and on this blog in particular) tend to focus on are almost always lies or based on lies. What a relief it would be to actually have an argument based on factual reality. That's what the right doesn't get about Jon Stewart say, or Colbert, that their humor is based on reality. Palin said what she said which was not only garbled and almost incoherent, unless you understand the rightwing code words in which case you understood she was speaking of the second amendment, which of course didn't exist when Revere made his famous ride(s). And yes, once you unscramble her inarticulate expression of trying to fit the second amendment into the Revolution there is an historical basis for some of what she said. But the overall reality and point made by her critics cannot be denied. The famous ride of Paul Revere was to warn the Colonists that the British were coming and not the other way round. I'm up in the Berkshires writing this as I have to run out so will end here. but I suspect by the time I come back to my computer later today there will be more to delete.

Anonymous said...

Longfellow was & stil is
closer to the ride/the event
than Palin, et al are

I'll stick with this :The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

you can delete me if you want


one-sided conversations get us no where fast !

JIm said...

Robert, Obamanomics is bankrupting the nation and wrecking havoc on the economy.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

As if we weren't headed to hell before Obama came to office, if anything he has saved us from a much worse fate, but of course you don't have the mettle to admit this. We are involved in two incursions that the people didn't want and that are bankrupting us and making Halliburton and other contractors rich off of our tax dollars of which they are paying little or no taxes. You and your fellows are ruining this country Jim and it is surviving in spite of y'all.

Anonymous said...

with ML
not deleting things
this is getting to be fun !

as a nation we "hit the ground"
raping, pillaging and murdering
doesn't matter who is to blame...
the facts are that
we are an ignorant people

what we are dealing with NOW is the New Reality

and these myths that TIME Magazine ( many others) posits

jobs are not coming back
this "slump" (downturn) is NOT a temporary blip
the Government can save the day (& us)
the private sector entrepreneurs will make it all be better
everybody can move to Washington, D.C. ...where ALL of the jobs are
our greatest strength is our Ingenuity

as far as Liberals go ...

try to find one .... They all have joined the Party of Fear, Stupidity, and Greed ... and ALL belong to the same One Religion Fits All !

Republicans. Democrats. Our Leaders ;

all wear $3,500 suits that they spend another $1,000 on to get that tailored fit ! AND
every one of them wears an American Flag pin (made in China) in their lapel

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Sad but true anon, but there is goodness and the desire for it to be better infused in it all. it's there every day if you are open to it.

Anonymous said...

maybe our job is
to sharpen our pokers
and jab-away

we POP

this Bubble of BS
come up with some Real Leaders

ones who are neither (this or that) but are

Truth Telling Realists

once a label is assigned to (something) that's pretty much the end of any meaningful discussion or right-way conclusion..

"goodness" is just too abstract a .... well a religious definition

to "infuse" anything with other that the agenda/doctrine of Thee Wo does the defining.

we need more DESCRIPTION and less PRESCRIPTION

I expect to see about 2/3 of these comments deleted soon...

so much for the value of Ranting and Raving

lets return to those daze of yesteryear

(that worked & are working so well:

Truth, Justice, and The American Way !

then Bombs Away Over Tokyo
and all the other RATS around the globe
who don't buy our Ford Focuses & Big Macs

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Cynicism and bitterness are as real and abstract as goodness. Walk into a hospital or into the Frances Blend School for the visually impaired where blind children are empowered and shoot and sink baskets in their playground. "If you look for the good in others, you will find it there...when you speak to the good in others, you strengthen it." and "What is a good man, but a bad man's teacher? And what is a bad man, but a good man's job?" (Lao-Tzu). Choice is the power, Cynonymous.

JIm said...
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Lally said...

I'd list the lies in the deleted one's comments but that would only feed the beast. Let's just point out the biggest one: that I, and others who comment on this blog, have never pointed out one lie he's committed in his comments. Anyone interested in his point of view or in chronicling his endless cycle of lies just has to go back and check the comments sections over the years this blog has been active. They make up an endless record of whatever the right's message of the day happened to be plus some personal shots at me and our partially shared Catholic school days. Et-endlessly-cetera.

JIm said...
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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

interesting how we move on like vultures at a carcass once the feeding frenzy is over, from comments to posts, etc., just like the "news" media. Gosh, remember Japan? We don't hear a frikkin thing about it on the news these days? Right now I'm feeling a bit of Anon's cynicism and bitterness at just how f**ked up some things are in our world.

Lally said...

Robert, I hear you, but we need your deep insights that the media and too many of us forget or never knew about the forces for "good" in the world that are always at work despite those who would dismiss or belittle or ignore or even work against them. You're one of them brother. Too late to stop now.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

That's right man. Kafka says: "There is a point of no return - this is the point that must be reached." And your boy Dylan Thomas says: "Who gave these seas their colour in a shape shaped my clayfellow..And the Heaven's arc in time at flood filled with his coloured doubles..Oh, who is glory in the shapeless maps, now make the world of me, as I have made a merry man-shape of your walking circle."