Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My new favorite TV personality. My friend Terence Winch told me about Cenk Uygur years ago and his internet show "The Young Turks." And my friend RJ Eskow has appeared many times on "The Young Turks" and I've seen a few of those appearances when Eskow posted them on his blog.

But since Uygur became a regular every weeknight on MSNBC, he's been kicking major butt. He's incredibly smart and can summarize political situations really well and succinctly, and he's so honest it's refreshing as anything I've seen on TV.

Rachel Maddow does a great job, and Olberman has and does again at times, and a lot of other "news" personalities on MSNBC expose a lot of truths we don't get anywhere else, except sometimes on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show"—but there it's in the service of comedy and exposing the hypocrisy and foolishness of so many politicians and TV personalities, etc.

Uygur just seems to be after the truth that isn't being addressed and getting to it the quickest and clearest way possible. He credits guests who have different perspectives when they make a good point and he bats away their bs when it's apparent.

He's a Turkish-American too, so he has some insights into the Middle East that most of the talking heads on TV don't, and he comes across as a no jive no pretension Jersey boy. Check him out on MSNBC or on the net if you haven't already.

[PS: I'd offer a clip here from the show I caught tonight but it's not available, and trying to get a recent one was too difficult for this technodyslexic. I don't know about anybody else, but Google has been a major pain for me since they changed the way they do their listings. In case you haven't heard or don't know, they now second guess what they think you'd want to see on any list of the topic you google, and everyone gets a different list now, based on what they think you dig, I guess from your history. But I looked up "photos of 1940s female Hollywood movie stars" recently and in the first ten there was Jennifer Aniston and she kept popping up again and again and she's someone I have never googled nor would I for any reason I can think of and she has nothing to do with 1940s Hollywood, but then neither did over half the images that popped up, and probably a third of them were men as well, including one of those guys from the TWILIGHT movies I haven't seen and have no interest in but know about because of the media's obsession with the "celebrities" of the moment. Google didn't do any better on MSNBC and Uygur either, but you can find "The Young Turks" on Youtube and some old MSNBC appearances. Maybe it's just me, but the internet has become a more insidious and a lot less user friendly, more like corporate friendly.]


AlamedaTom said...


This is cool. I was going to write an enthusiastic post pulling everyone's coat to Cenk Uygur, but you beat me to it. I too have been tuning him in as of late, and I agree: he's so cool he's hot. You said it all, so 'nuf said. I would only add that I love it when he expresses disbelief over some bullshit one of his conservative guests tries to lay on him -- I think a good term for it would be "charming disdain."

~ Willy

Lally said...

"Charming disdain"—I love it.