Monday, June 20, 2011


Caught SUPER 8 last night with my oldest son, Miles. Turned out unexpectedly to be a perfect Father's Day movie (and the pleasure would be been tripled had all my kids been there).

As you probably already know, the movie's creator is mostly J.J. Abrams, the main creator of the TV series LOST that captivated a lot of people not too long ago. I couldn't really get into that, though I understood how others could. But this new flick I definitely and surprisingly got into.

Surprisingly, because I'm not a big fan of scary movies. But this one is closer to a combo of LOST and an homage to Steven Speilberg than the scary movie I expected when I saw critics compare it to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

Actually it feels like a Speilberg movie but shot like a homemade super 8 film with a LOST kind of theme. Miles pointed out that there were a lot of references to a period (it's set in the '70s) when he was a kid which gave him several laughs and a lot of satisfaction. I noticed tributes to Speilberg flicks in almost every scene (as others have also pointed out).

For the most part the cast was good, especially the kids, especially Elle Fanning who gave an Oscar worthy performance. The story moved quickly and had lots of humor and tension and pathos etc.  I dug it thoroughly. And recommend it.  

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