Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There are a lot of frustrating things about the Internet for me, but one of the many rewarding things about it is all the inspiring "art" that's available "at my fingertips" as they say.

Like the great photographer/mini-essayist Robert Zuckerman, familiar to anyone who reads this blog regularly. He has an amazing book of photo/mini-essays (they're more like mini-histories actually, the stories of the taking of personal photos mostly of people) called KINDSIGHT that I wrote one of the prefaces for, but he also has a site or blog by that name where he posts snapshots and the prose that describes them (only "describes" is a weak term for the zen like close observation of his encounters with all kinds of people who he has any kind of interaction with, and the occasional object or setting, that he always expresses in a way that creates a little epiphany in the observer/reader).

Here's a recent one that illustrates his indomitable spirit and the reasons I find him so inspiring.


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Thank you Michael. We all have our "daily Everests" - like you dealing with brain surgery, and my little sister Patti (age 48) who is quadriplegic from an unknown degenerative condition not thought to be connected with mine (we have different Dads). I only WISH the Patti could be in my shape, still able to stand on two feet and walk, albeit slowly and painfully. Instead, her legs are paralyzed, her arms and hands contracted to where she cant hold anything, feed or scratch herself, can't talk, is fed mostly through a tube. And yet, her smile lights up the hemisphere. Next time I bring her to New Jersey to visit our brother Paul, I hope you can meet her. Patti gives me strength in many ways, and though her condition ended her budding career as a teacher's aide in day care centers around NYC (even though she was learning disabled, she become certified to do this work as was fully dedicated to it and passionate about it - the toddlers called her "Miss Patti") even though she lost this job, she has become our family's greatest teacher.

Bless you.

Lally said...

It would be an honor to meet her Robert. As it has been to know you.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

The honor goes both ways Michael.

AlamedaTom said...

Inspiring. Life is full of these stories, and each is a marvel - leaving me to wonder: Would I have the courage and grace to accept such a turn of fate?

~ Willy

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Heraclitus says it like this: "You won't discover the limits of the soul, however far you go."