Thursday, September 8, 2011


I actually watched it. And despite it being on MSNBC and the moderators being Brian Williams from NBC and a guy from Politico who asked some hard questions, a lot of lies and misrepresentations and misinformation etc. got out there on the airwaves once again.

A few of them questioned or tried to correct each other's lies or mistakes but then they would make a few of their own. I'd love to see these debates cover one topic for one debate, with fact checkers present. That'd be interesting. As it was, Obama took the most hits of course, and not being there was not defended. But Rick Perry took the next most hits as they all tried to pull his polling numbers down some so they could all stay in the race.

But he played to his rightwing base as always and with the usual swagger and that insistently righteous attitude many rightwing politicians and leaders and media types have mastered, as if anyone who doubts their lies or misinformation or misleading statements is not only wrong but unpatriotic and even evil for even questioning them.

As always Gingrich did it best, not even a serious contender but a defender of the most rightwing candidates and of rightwing politicians and media stars who the press dares to try and question about their differences (except when it served him as a defense against his own inconsistencies and lies etc.). Bachmann seemed diminished, Huntsman seemed reasonable but unexciting, Ron Paul seemed very old and a little flustered and confused at times and way defensive.

Hebert Cain, or whatever his name is, scored a few points actually, but as the only African-American candidate among the Republicans he doesn't stand a chance, and Rick Santorum, or whatever his name is, came across as inconsequential.

Mitt Romney actually did best in terms of making actual sense even if based on lies or fudging of the facts and came across most presidential. I would have liked to have seen Buddy Roemer, or whatever his name is, who was on Rachel Maddow's show last night as well as Jon Stewart's and made a good case for why the main concern should be the corruption of our politics with money and reforming campaign financing, but of course they don't want that to be the subject of any Republican debate.

As for Obama, we await his speech tomorrow night (or since it just turned midnight, tonight).


Anonymous said...

that "Texas Swagger" is really getting a bit "old" !

about tonight's speech and plan ?

spend another $400 BILLION ? on who's back?

surely not a single Republican will vote for that...
actually looks like a dozen or so of them won't even go.

by inviting Gingrich, and Romney and Perry and Paul
to Ben's Chilli Bowl to talk of what THEIR solutions are...

no one seems to have a clue.

I tried to watch but the live stream kept freezing up ! so I watched Seven Years In Tibet... that Brad Pitt is a good actor.... when he runs for president I'll vote for him ? or maybe Stacey Keach?

let the games begin!

tpw said...

Dear M:

Good for you. I can't watch these make-believe "debates," esp. when the Repugnant party is featured. Nor can I much stand our Repugnant-lite president either.

Anonymous said...

"it could have been worse." is not going to win Obama the election..
The Repubs don't want ANY up-tic in jobs, etc
that would ruin their probable taking of the White House..

no way ANY one will cross the isle and support anything the Dems props...

nothing else but the employment problem matters

especially the disgrace of what our Black Citizens are
kneee-deep in horrific unemployment

the next "growth industry" will be stealing food and
electronic devices from Best Buy and stealing used clothes from Value Village...


best thin about the speech tonight? It will be over before the football game

Anonymous said...

he should change the name of the bill to

The Americans' Patriots' Soldiers'Jobs Act !

I lasted about 25 mins... more empty posturing

little substance or specifics...

a new Ford Focus in every Vietnamese's drive way !

hire more teachers to teach how to use their VISA card?

I switched to Retro TV

Robert Berner said...

Dear Lal--These comments are certainly emblematic of the frustration and semi-desperation that many people, maybe millions, are feeling. And that's even true of people who HAVE jobs or have decent retirement programs. Imagine, then, the crushing helplessness of those who have been looking for work for six months or a year or longer, or the defeat of those who have finally given up looking and are no loner even counted among the
"officially" unemployed. If Cantor/Boehner & Co. don't pass a jobs bill, it may be the beginning of a war of all against all and the only winners will be the Koch brothers, GoldmanSachs, Karl Icahn, and Rupert Murdoch. God help us. God save the republic.
Bob B.