Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Since the Bush/Cheney economic collapse and bank bailout...

...bank profits are up: 136%...

...but bank lending is down 9%...



JIm said...
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harryn said...

I believe the problem is even more endemic than what we're capable of imagining at this point.
Refreshingly, Obama is the only one who admits his failures or short-sightedness - unlike his predecessors.
Do you have any idea how hard it is for anyone to get a loan once they've been labeled a risk because of late payments, foreclosure, or default?
Everything requires a hefty advance deposit or collateralized funds - even for simple things like a decent cell phone plan or home electricity. This class warfare notion shouldn't be marginalized because there's a huge part of the population that are still at risk - people who can't afford the 'marching boots' that Obama calls for because of the scandalous greed that corrupted the Bush administration and continues to reverberate through the current Congress.

Anonymous said...

corruption/greed/stealing has gone far beyond any political party or group..

it is ingrained in our American Culture in our Human Culture !

what did that version of the bible say:

"God helps those who help themselves" !

let us steal another pencil from the place we work.
another apple from the grocery store
steal that $10 bill on the counter next to that lady's hand
that pair of tennis shoes on the gym-locker's bench

and then protest and throw rocks at symbols !

things change via one person at a time NOT via crowds sheep-like marching into the sameness of it all.

harryn said...


Change happens one person at a time, but to counteract the prevailing momentum that has been teaming against the middle class for years requires a comparable, if not a stronger force of collective will than has been demonstrated by the down-trodden and deprived people of this so-called equal rights society.

Beyond being simple math as Obama indicates, it's also simple physics of resistance. And if something isn't done soon to shift the balance of power from corporate entities (?) and political self interest the notion of Democracy will soon be relegated to a brief chapter in history.

Ever wonder if there's a connection between between the pharmaceutical industry's lack of cancer treatment medication and that industry's disapproval of the Obama's handling of healthcare?

I'm afraid an individual voice of dissent couldn't be heard above the clamor of right wing vitriol.

Lally said...

I don't know if you'd call a gathering of individuals a "crowd" anonymous, but things certainly have been changed many times, and often for the better, by crowds, including the 1963 march on Washington (though it's most lasting impact comes from Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Had a Dream" speech, it was the vastness of the crowd that got the politicians' attention as well as the rest of us) and the demonstrators more recently in Tunisia and Egypt etc. I support and praise the individuals making up the crowd encamped near Wall Street protesting the impunity and criminality of so many financial firms and their CEOs and minions, only wishing my health wasn't such that I could go and join them with a borrowed sleeping bag (since I've never been one for camping, only "camping" now and then).

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