Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but I couldn't help wondering last night when the president was making an important speech (for him at least, for those who are tired of speeches, but also for those of us still listening to see what is actually happening, and obviously for the media and any voters tuning in etc.) why all of a sudden it's followed by an announcement from some agency of the government involving intelligence (the CIA was it?) that there may be a plan to set off some kind of bomb in New York or DC to commemorate 9/11, though it can't be confirmed, and then the entire Southwest lost power.

So the speech and any discussion of it took a back seat on the news last night and tonight to this bigger news, of the power outage and the alert for a possible "terrorist" attack in two of our major cities.

I'm pretty sure it was coincidence, but still, the way things are going, and have gone in the past, it did make me think hmmmm....

[Oh, and just to show I'm not the only paranoid one, and to confirm what I was saying about what many on the left were getting impatient with early on in Obama's tenure (I kept pointing out that these people—the right—play rough and for keeps, using Carter's being undermined and outmaneuvered by the rightwingers in the government, especially the intelligence agencies as an example), etc. check this out. It's mostly about the left's anger at Obama and does right along with many of the comments recently on this blog, but it also addresses, in the headline and one statement by an ex-Obama transition team member that the intelligence agencies and probably the military may have revolted (and the implication is may still) if too much of a frontal attack on the outgoing Bush/Cheney regime back then and more recently of (this is now my interpretation, or guess) the profiteering corporate connections to the military and intelligence agencies that are dominated by rightwingers, etc.]


Anonymous said...

now on the news they got that

"three men left Pakistan in August and are now in the U.S. and these are who is POSSIBLY going to attack N.Y.C. and/or D.C.

and yesterday some reporter on local news here said:

" this is real as they found a van filled with explosives parked on the street"

gee, who's making this 'stuff' up?

not to say that something won't happen but getting very tiresome listening to all of this ...(crap)

Lally said...

I'm not saying the warning isn't based on some facts perhaps (although after the supposed "intelligence" that led to invading Iraq, or the Tonkin Bay "incident" that led to escalation in Viet Nam, or "Remember the Maine" et. al. there's good reason to always be suspicious), but I am questioning the timing of the announcement. There is no doubt in my mind that all the rightwingers that have been placed in government agencies etc. since Reagan, let alone Bush/Cheney, and share the rightwing belief that Obama is somehow not a legitimate president, despite his overwhelming election victory, would go to any lengths to discredit him and/or block his initiatives, policies, etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that "it" works BOTH ways...
after all

it's not a mystery that "it's" (almost) ALL ABOUT POWER & CONTROL ....
what better way to gain and maintain both
(and capture the major portion of The wealth

than through Fear & keeping the People ignorant ?

a cross around the neck and a flag-pin in that $3,000
silk suit now, THAT's the "truth" !

just throw the citizens a piece of bread and they will give up their freedom ...

then riot for more .... bread !

then we have The Rule of Law !

that should protect the wealthy and strike fear & trembling into the rest of us..

let's pass this "crap" on to our children !

maybe a few of them can get beyond mere politics and religion ?