Friday, September 2, 2011


Rightwing Republicanism has become one of those "bad religions" based on lies and scams meant to enrich an elite few and bamboozle and exploit the rest of its followers.

Anything to starve the government is touted as "good" and anything to help government do its job(s) is painted as evil. So today's job report that showed a net gain of zero jobs—because 17,000 new jobs were created by the private sector, but an equal amount, 17,000, government jobs were cut, thus zero net gain—is being used by the right to prove a falsehood "true."

As in the rightwing radio and network media, and its influence on the rest of the media, talking about "no new jobs" etc. Which, obviously, is a lie. And yet the media accepts these terms and argues instead the supposed "both sides" of what to do about "no new jobs!"

It's so tiresome, especially when we're trying to recover from the latest weather catastrophe (anyone notice that that famous adventurer who has been to the magnetic North pole several times is now making the trip by BOAT!—first time that's possible because of the more than forty per cent loss of ice mass there—or that the droughts that inflict sub-Saharan countries every ten years now occur EVERY YEAR, or the latest statistic about migration caused by global warming has seen the rate of migration (from insects to large mammals) double what it has been in recent years and in some instances triple and more, or that the monument to FDR being built on Roosevelt Island in New York City from plans by the late great Louis Kahn from thirty-four years ago had to be altered because the river had risen eight (8!) inches in just that short period of time) partly caused by manmade global warming and yet these rightwingers take as an article of their faith-based rather than fact-based bad cult-like religion that there is no such thing as global warming or climate change, and even if they conceded that it might be happening then they dismiss any facts that show the human contribution to this eco-catastrophe.

I took my car in for maintenance this morning to a nearby town and fortunately the street where it's located (Bloomfield Avenue) was blocked off just beyond where I needed to go, due to flooding—still—from Irene. Over five thousands people are not living in their homes because of Irene here in North Jersey.

But Eric Cantor and other rightwing Republicans who never objected to federal aid for their districts or made any suggestion to pay for the Bush/Cheney wars and tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy with offsetting spending cuts or tax raises, are now declaring that any FEMA and other government funds spent to help my Jersey neighbors has to be tied to an equal amount of cuts in government, conveniently of departments they don't like because they either restrict the corporate overlords profits (i.e. the energy dept.) or threaten to educate too many people too well so that they won't end up buying the right's bad religion (i.e. the dept. of education).

God spare us from these ideologues and the destruction they have caused and want to continue and even increase for our country.

[PS: Got a notice from my thirteen-year-old's school that when he goes back next Wednesday the water fountains will be all covered because we still can't use our local water, and he's supposed to bring his own bottled water as well as little bottle of Purell or some other anti-bacteria lotion to use for his hands etc. as washing them in what we have now is actually counterproductive! Welcome to the 21st century USA!]


JIm said...
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Lally said...

Here's what's so relentlessly wrong with the right. They are touting today's job figures as an indictment against our president, even though the report makes clear the reason there was "zero net growth" was because an equal amount of government jobs were cut (thanks to rightwing pressure to cut government) as were created by "the private sector" (as though government workers are somehow alien etc.).
But they also tout the job "growth" n Texas as a testament to Republican governor Perry, even though that job growth is mostly the result of government jobs he managed to lobby government for (totally contrary to his rightwing pronouncements).

JIm said...
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TC said...

Hey Lals, when any post on those dawn of the dead new age republicans draws two comments worth deleting, you've got to know you're doing something right.

I've found that any mention of the three harmless little letters "FDR" drives these zombies back to their prayer rallies. Could we use those initials as crucifixes were once used, in such cases?

Some of FDR's campaign speeches on the eve of his first time on the job so burn with rage against the moneyed interests that reporters came round and said, "Mr. Roosevelt, aren't you afraid those bankers and brokers will hate you now?"

"Of course they will hate me," he answered (or words to that effect). "That's fine, it will mean I'm doing something right".

Of course, he had come from those classes, so at least he had th'advantage of being able to identify the Beast, in detail and specifics.

And yo, that ol' Rick Perry, what a wowser when it comes to creating jobs in those great growth industries, God and porn. That crick in the back from corporation-pleasuring is so out there, even the Russians saw it coming.

(WV "ethrob" -- and then some.)

Lally said...

Tom, thanks for that link. Nothing like a little hypocrisy on top of some solid self-righteousness to win over the mental tastebuds of the right.

Anonymous said...

Eleanor was no "slouch" either!

& then came "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" and he (also) did.

JIm said...
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