Monday, August 13, 2012


Perfect really. Bright blue sky with white rolling clouds over the lush green hills and mountains. The soulful, sensuous landscape of my deepest memories, or maybe fantasies. Real today though.

And time spent with my daughter and granddaughter and their impressive creative energy and output. And with my older son and younger and grandson. My progeny. For which I am thankful every day, as I am for every day, this one especially.


Anonymous said...

Aww...this, is a lovely poem

suzanne :)

AlamedaTom said...

Very lovely, and best of all, it made me feel just that much better.

~ Willy

Lally said...

Thanks Suzanne and Willy.

JenW said...

Sounds alive and wondrous. It makes me feel happy for you too since you worry so much about the rest of the world. Just a thought and you may do this already. Reflect upon this beautiful poem on a not so perfect day and it makes it brighter. Your gems of life.