Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death has created a lot of articles and books and even yet another documentary. But to honor her memory I chose this photo, one of my favorites: 
Ella often told the story of how MM got her into a white club that didn't want her to perform because she wasn't white, the Magambo I think. Marilyn was a class act in a time when it was difficult for some to see anything but a sex symbol and a "dumb blonde" etc. Hopefully, she is resting in the peace she well deserved.

[Here's a great version of the story I just googled (duh) and found.]


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

There's a great exhibit that just opened at The Phil Stern Gallery in downtown Los Angeles (601 South Los Angeles Street) of Phil's pictures of Marylin. Some really incredible, beautiful, historical imagery.

Just FYI

Lally said...

Wish I was out there to see it Robert.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

maybe you can see some stuff on

JenW said...

That's a great photo! Two soul sisters chatting it up having a grand time.

-K- said...

Many, many years ago I went to my neighborhood market, a small, well-established place on the edge of Beverly Hills and actually saw Ella fitzgerald walk into the store. She was warmly greeted by the staff.

As if it was part of their weekly ritual, she would return their greeting by stopping in the doorway and scat-sing a few notes.

It was really a wonderful thing to see.

Lally said...

Totally cool experience Kevin. Wish I'd been there.