Monday, August 20, 2012


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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Or, the utter hypocriscy of the laughably named "pro-life" movement, people who condone the murder of abortion doctors, who send young men and women off to "wars" and then don't take care of them when they come back maimed or psychologically scarred, who support and push for a system of guns in all hands even as it leads to tragic mass murder in public places or domestic murders at home, the murder of animals for sport and for profit...these hypocrits are anything but "pro-life." Time to get real, to get honest, with yourselves and with the world. Zero Tolerance for this utterly dangerous hypocrisy.

JIm said...

Pro life people abhor the murder of unborn or even born alive babies that survive this awful procedure. Many if not most prolife and strict constitutionalists believe that Roe v Wade is outside the law for what the federal govt. can order and in fact the decision properly resides with the states. We also do no want our tax dollars going to pay for abortions.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

The same "pro-life" people who promote gun ownership, who promote selective medical treatment, who promote racial and ethnic profiling and thus counter aggression and societal endangerment,who deny atmosphric and biosheric toxicity caused by human endeavors, who promote inequality and who undermine decent quality of life for all. To obsess on this one issue and deny so many things that constitute good quality of life is cynical, short sighted and ignorant, as in ignoring facts, truth and reality.