Saturday, August 25, 2012


Thanks to JenW for sending the links for these two YouTube videos of behind the scenes for two Melody Gardot recordings.

The first is with some old(er) jazz masters in which the "newcomer" not only holds her own but from my perspective even threw them a little. The second is more recent of Melody doing her version of "La Vie En Rose" which'll make you want to dig the recording without the behind-the-scenes- interruptions.

If you don't smile during the first with delight at the depth of her talent, or find your eyes filling up during the second, well, then you're just not a sentimental old Irishman I guess [or maybe just haven't had brain surgery, as in my case, or severe brain trauma as in Gardot's] [but you have to listen and watch them both all the way through too] [and the Hancock one first].


Robert Berner said...

Lal--Thanks for posting the links to these videos. She's amazing.
Bob B.

Unknown said...

Wow, I must be a sentimental old Irishwoman, La Vie en Rose left me crying like a baby. Soooo beautiful! Thank you Michael - I'm off to iTunes store now.

Norma W.

Lally said...

I know, right? Glad she has two more fans.