Monday, October 14, 2013


The rightwing Republicans will end up getting concessions from the president and Democrats for some kind of temporary deal on the so-called debt ceiling and opening the government again (like a tax on medical machines which will mean less funding for elements of Obamacare which will mean a diminishment of the benefits or higher premiums for working people etc. which will lead to disappointment in Obamacare and help those same Republicans hack away further at it in the weeks or months until they make the next deadline for renegotiating the so-called debt ceiling and closure of the government etc.)...

...and all in the name of supposedly "cutting the debt" which means to Republicans cutting spending which means to Republicans cutting "entitlements" which means and has always meant to rightwing Republicans cutting until eliminated all Democratic policies that have saved this country in my lifetime over and over again like Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, Unemployment Benefits, Veterans Benefits (they'll save that til last but it'll go, since it was the Dems who created the benefits and funded them when Repubs refused to et. al.) along with bank and food and corporate regulations etc.

And all the time the government shutdown and the sequester and every other tactic the Repubs have pulled to cut back the parts of government that help most of us—just to avoid making corporations and the wealthy pay a little more, or corporations face regulations that might limit their enormous humongous historically gigantic profits to just bigger than the rest of our incomes combined, but continue the tax funded (from most of us) benefits for those same corporations and industries and the wealthy etc.—costs taxpayers hundreds of millions a day!

And the media pretty much ignores this fact, that every day the government is shut down, and every day the rest of the world thinks our government will default on its financial obligations, costs hundreds of millions to the economy, to small businesses, to workers, to all of us. Why can' the Dems frame this thing as it should be: the Republicans crying about government spending while costing the economy hundreds of millions with this shutdown that raises the debt (that under Obama, as opposed to under Reagan, and Bush Junior, has been coming down).

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