Thursday, October 3, 2013


My friend poet/writer and Irish musician, Terence Winch, sent me a copy of an email he wrote to a columnist at The Washington Post, encouraging me and everyone to send our own emails to hopefully wake up those in the media who continue to avoid placing blame where it clearly lies:

"Dear Mr. McCartney:

I always read your column, and almost always agree with your take. As a retired federal employee, I appreciated your point today about the important work done by many dedicated civil servants. What I have trouble with---and this is a problem, I believe, at the Post and throughout much of the establishment media---is the vague blaming of "our leaders" and generic partisanship for the shutdown & other problems with Congress. It is the Republicans in the House---in particular, a small subset of extreme right-wing Republicans---who are responsible for all this dysfunction. They are seeking to block a law that was passed handily by both houses of Congress, was signed by the President, upheld by the Supreme Court, and re-affirmed by "the American people" (who Boehner keeps trying to tell us oppose the law) in the last election. It is not at all helpful to allow Republican readers and voters to believe that this situation is a two-sided one.  You and your colleagues owe it to your readers to identify those really responsible for all these problems. If they pay no price & get no blame, they'll just keep doing it.


-K- said...

I agree, nicely done.

And refreshingly non-confrontational.

Robert Berner said...

Lal--Something about the right's apoplectic opposition to the Affordable Care Act doesn't quite add up. These guys are all bought and paid for by fat cats like the Koch brothers, insurance executives like Mr.Robert Benmosche of A.I.G.,etc., and they pass a bill that amounts to the biggest windfall in history for the insurance companies. You'd think that all sides who thus
profit would be happy. That they are not, it seems to me, can only thus be explained by a single reality: a racist hatred of a black president.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

What smells super fishy to me is all thise saying how ACA is ruining businesses and infringing on our rights and freedom. Some go so far as to the costs and penlites that will be imposed for failure to enroll. The twisitification knows no bounds!

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

I think I've seen the light, I mean dam intrusive big government, wanting me to stop at red lights and stop signs. This is an outrageous, unconstitutional violation of my freedom! And how dare evil big government try to curtail my freedom to kill whomever I want! Or prevent me from going into houses that I want to and take what I want, when I want to with my high powered automatic weapon. Dam!