Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So the way to win elections generally is to have the best strategy. Ideals and candidates and positions help, but strategy ultimately wins in most cases, often unfortunately.

Chris Christie is supposedly a "fiscal conservative" a la the Republican propaganda mantra. Though he has proven over and over again that he will take actions that are fiscally irresponsible if it helps a corporate donor or harms the Democrats etc. and the media mainly ignores this.

But the "special" election today in my home state of New Jersey to fill the late Democratic Senator Lautenberg's seat, is an instance of Christie's (or his advisors') superior strategy. It's costing the taxpayers, that includes me, millions to have this election today, as opposed to just including it in the general election coming up in a few weeks.

But Christie didn't want Cory Booker's popularity to get in the way of his reelection, so he's spending millions of our dollars on an election that would normally have been a landslide victory for Booker, if held on the usual election day on a Tuesday in November, and maybe influenced more voter turnout against Christie.

By holding it separately on a Wednesday in October, it makes sure that voters who either expect a Booker victory so don't feel compelled to vote or just won't remember it's today—since Booker has been much weaker at strategy (and was dealing with the death of his father) and hasn't done enough to get out the vote (I haven't received one phone call or mailing encouraging me to vote for Booker)—won't vote, while the rightwing base will be there lock step (they had the Palin machine here to help).

Booker's strategy has been so off, his opponent, a Tea Party Republican so far to the right of what the vast majority of Jersey voters believe in, he not only is against abortion and gay marriage rights and taxing the wealthy, he wants to eliminate The Department of Education and the IRS and immigration and etc. has succeeded in diminishing Booker's lead in the polls of likely voters from over forty per cent to under ten!

Like pesky mosquitoes or cockroaches or flies or rats or whatever pest you can think of, these rightwing Republicans are relentless in their persistent nibbling attempts to destroy our government(s) as any form of help for working and poor people so that corporations and the wealthy can exceed even the historically humongous profits they have been accumulating.

And though the vast majority of our fellow citizens when asked specifically about policies agree mostly with Democratic policies, the Republican strategists use every tactic they can to limit voting, misinform voters, confuse voters, or discourage voting, including spending our taxpayer money to do so (as their government shutdown and refusing to raise the debt ceiling has cost hundreds of millions of taxpayer money) and intimidate, buy or in other ways influence the media to ignore that part of the story.

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