Sunday, October 13, 2013


Drove up from Jersey with my youngest (who almost has his permit so can help with the drive next time) through the Autumn color fest to see his fifteen-year-old nephew, my grandson, play drums on the street in the all instrumental jazz and funk and reggae band Highland, along with the five other fifteen-year-olds in the band on guitar, bass, electric piano, trumpet and sax.

They were so good, they had over two hundred bucks thrown in their guitar case after playing for less than two hours! People would hear the music and stop to dig it before they realized how young the band was, and then when they got it, their smiles would broaden and in many cases their hips would start swaying.

I suck at filming with my iPhone and all that, so have no footage to share, and though I saw many folks filming I've only seen a couple of short bits on Facebook and can't figure out how to share them here, so this photo taken of the guitarist Ethan, my grandson Donovan on drums and the hand of the bassist, Zepher, will have to suffice for now. (The photographer is my grandson' friend Cooper.)

Wish you had been there.


-K- said...

I wasn't making that kind of money at that age.

But then again, I wasn't into anything except pop and rock at that age either.

Good for them!

Lally said...

Me neither! And I worked two jobs after school and weekends!

Anonymous said...

Sweet :))