Saturday, October 5, 2013


Though this HBO flick isn't the greatest, it's still worth watching. Most of all, because rather than hire an actor to play Ali in the story of the Supreme Court ruling that overturned his conviction for avoiding the draft and affirmed his conscientious objector status based on his Black Muslim religious beliefs, the filmmakers use clips of the real Ali at the time, from interviews and fights.

Man was he special, and not just entertaining to watch but enlightening and inspiring. The historic clips of him were worth the whole flick. But there are also a bunch of wonderful older, mostly male, actors that make it worth watching as well, from Christopher Plummer and Frank Langella to Ed Begley Jr. (full disclosure, an old friend), Danny Glover and Peter Gerety.

If you get the chance, check it out, and bask in the glow of Muhammad Ali's charisma at its peak.


tom said...

From everything I have heard about him he is a very kind and generous man. This coming from friends who live in Southwestern Michigan near his farm.

Muhammad Ali said...

if you ask for a fair answer than almost all of his fights were really good because of unique boxing style, fast moving strength and powerful knockout punches