Friday, January 3, 2014


Got up and shoveled the walks of this old house my apartment's in and loved it. For me, there's nothing like leaning on a snow shovel on a bright sunny winter morning after a big snowstorm. And fortunately, as all the weather experts predicted, it's powdery snow so it's relatively easy to shovel, even the six or eight inches we seemed to have gotten.

The "profound quiet" (as my friend Mindy called it) of these kinds of mornings always makes me think this is what it must have been like in the 19th Century. No cars out yet, almost no people, etc. The way the sun was hitting the snow made it sparkle and because not too many people or cars were out yet the snow was pure white, even where it had been plowed!

Just a gorgeous winter day, for which I am grateful.

(Can you believe, though, that the right-wingers, including the stalker who fortunately I can now keep off this blog, actually used this storm and the recent cold temperatures as some sort of proof that the whole "global warming" issue is a hoax! without ever referencing the fact that a little over a month ago, November went down as the warmest IN OUR RECORDED HISTORY!, and seemingly unaware that scientists use the averages not the sole instance to determine warming which is ongoing worldwide, oh well….)

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tpw said...

I know you love the snow, but, really, get that 16-yr old to do the shoveling.