Sunday, January 12, 2014


My sisters, Joan and Irene, about the year I was born, 1942.
Me and my brothers, Robert, Campion (originally Tommy), and Buddy (aka Jimmy) c. 1950.
My daughter, Caitlin, and me in our home in DC c.1974.
My son, Miles and daughter, Caitlin, and me in the loft we rented on Duane Street in NYC in 1978.
Caitlin, Miles and me in the mid-1990s (I believe on our way to Ireland).
My youngest, Flynn, with my granddaughter, Elizabeth Lee, c. 2003.
My granddaughter, Elizabeth Lee, and me c. 2007. 
My son, Miles, grandson, Donovan, me and youngest son, Flynn, in Princeton, 2008. [This shot was taken by the great photographer and friend Robert Zuckerman on the location set of one of THE TRANSFORMERS movies]
A more resent studio shot of my granddaughter Elizabeth Lee, probably 2010.
This selfie of me and my youngest, Flynn, goofing doesn't exactly show how he towers over me, but since he's holding the phone from above and is bending a little you can gage that he's got me by inches now.


JenW said...

Your memories are so precious- beautiful kids and family you have. That little brother in the brothers photo looks mighty. Doesn't look like he'd ever miss out on something due to the fact he was the youngest...(if he could help it :-)

Lally said...

Thanks Jen. I am looking pretty determined in that shot with my big brothers.

Anonymous said...

Yes to the one where we are actually in the airport on our way to Ireland. June 1996 actually.

Lally said...

Thanks Cait.

-K- said...

That's a really amazing set of photos, Michael. And Flynn must be really, really tall.

Lally said...

Well Kevin, he's probably about 6'1" which is "real, real" tall, but does make it seem like he towers over me who used to be six feet in my shoes but probably have shrunk some as after a certain age we are prone to do. I'd guess I'm a little under 5'11' now.

tpw said...

Beautiful photos, quick vivid visits to the past.