Monday, January 6, 2014


Over 50 degrees this morning and already down to 19 tonight and going down to 5 degrees. And there are still so many on the right who think the temperature drop proves "global warming" is "a hoax" because it is sometimes very cold, but fail to mention or even seem to notice that in the same twelve hour period (let alone twenty-four or more) the temperature can be the highest ever for a January winter day and the lowest for that same day!

If it talks like an idiot (or liar), and writes like an idiot (or liar), and identifies with other idiots (or liars), it's probably an idiot (or liar).

[I don't like calling anyone an "idiot" but I was tired and cold and couldn't think of a less offensive term to use for those who continue to try and frame "global warming" and the resultant climate change as "a hoax" etc.]

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