Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Watched Obama's State of the Union speech last night and noticed the Republicans didn't clap or stand up when Obama spoke about giving American workers a raise, getting women equal pay, protecting the environment, and even more transparently, Boehner scowled and with the rest of the Repubs did not applaud Obama's talking about the USA becoming energy independent with no need for foreign oil...

There were a lot of rehashed aspirations for the future of the country, most of which depend on some kind of support, or at least no obstruction, from the Repubs, unfortunately. Yet the simple but precise proposals for Obama to enact some things through executive orders, like raising the minimum wage for government contractors, is promising.

The Repubs attempts to counter the speech and the Dems portrayal of the Republicans' "war on women" with Republican women giving the rebuttal will probably work with the Foxheads, but any discerning woman will see that the Repubs in The House just passed another anti-abortion bill, which won't get anywhere in The Senate, but still shows their true colors (or actually their true pandering to the base and some of their bigger donors...)

Life goes on, as always, but it would go on a lot more easily for many if the Repubs got voted out of control of the House this year. Fingers crossed.

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lchrry said...

Fingers crossed! Thanks Michael, totally agree.