Sunday, May 25, 2014


I had the good fortune to hear my friend the great poet/writer/songwriter and Irish musician Terence Winch give the commencement speech for the graduate school of his alma mater, Iona College, last Saturday. He also received an honorary doctorate, and all this in Madison Square Garden. Lovely occasion, lovely day, and not surprisingly an incredibly witty and wise speech.

Fortunately, he shared it on THE BEST AMERICAN POETRY blog, so you can read it there for yourselves and see I ain't lyin'.


tpw said...

I'm very glad you were in the audience that day. It now all seems surreal & long ago.

JenW said...

Thanks for sharing tpw's wisdom-all gems.(although he was a bit tough on fiddlers & poets...) Loved the Moll Niland Principal most-