Monday, May 12, 2014


Friday night I caught Highland, the band my grandson plays drums in, at a restaurant bar in Pittsfield Mass and once again was knocked out. The lead singer just turned 14, as did most of the band except for Donovan, my grandson, who is 15, and the bass player, Nico, who was sitting in for another 14-year-old who was sick that night (Nico is the college age older brother of the keyboardist). Tell me these kids don't get their groove on (and where did that girl's voice come from?).

[Obviously I don't know how to upload videos from my iPhone 'cause I just spent a long time doing it and all I ended up with was this symbol in the gray box! so, I'll see if my 16-year-old can help me figure it out in the morning.]

[Oh, now it's showing something but no sound and it's only GIF length even though I uploaded the entire song, ah, you gotta love this technology...]

[OK with the morning light came an idea to transfer the video directly from my phone to YouTube and that worked so here is the footage my 16-year-old captured on my phone:]

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JenW said...

Amazing group. Love their sound & style. It does come from somewhere....genes & dreams-