Saturday, May 3, 2014


He should have been condemned and ostracized from the NBA a decade or more ago for his outright racist actions, not for a private conversation someone seemed to provoke and secretly record.

Ukraine's leaders have been corrupt and/or incompetent BUT the West, i.e. "us" (U.S.) talked them into giving up their nuclear bombs which, if they still had 'em, the Russians would have to think twice about doing what they're doing, which if it were just kids we'd call bullying.

The Repubs in Congress voted against the federal minimum wage increase because their corporate masters (Koch brothers & big oil, Walton family and their combined wealth greater than all the rest of us combined etc.) want more than mere billions to make them feel less frightened of the void where their hearts and souls should be...AND I DON'T WANNA HEAR ANYONE SAY IN THIS ELECTION YEAR THAT THERE ISN'T ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS, TRY SELLING THAT JIVE TO THOSE TRYING TO LIVE AND EVEN RAISE FAMILIES ON THE PRESENT MINIMUM WAGE!!!!!!...

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