Thursday, May 22, 2014


A poetry reading at Trinity College in DC c. 1969 with from the left, standing Simon Schuchat  (only 15 or so at the time), Eric Torgersen & me, seated on the bench, Steve Shrader, Ray DiPalma, Paula Novotnak and sitting on the ground Dick Patterson.
Cover of Mass Transit magazine and the name of the weekly open reading I started at The Community Book Store in DC in I think 1970 or '71, the photos here taken I'd guess in 1972 with me and the long haired older man, Ed Sullivan (really) sitting against the wall in the top left and P. Inman on the bench and I can't remember the other guy's name nor identify anyone in the top right corner, but underneath in the middle that's Tim Dlugos in glasses against the wall in back under the window with Ed Zahnizer in the glasses next to me and Sully and P., and in the right middle shot it's Terence Winch and the bottom left corner is Ed Z again, me, Sully & P. and then a shot of Bernard Welt with another of Ed Z.
A DC reading at Folio Books c. 1976 with me and Terence Winch leaning against the shelves and seated with mustache a smiling Doug Lang and Lynne Dryer.
Terence Winch reading at Folio in DC c. 1977 with Doug Lang and me looking on.

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