Sunday, May 18, 2014


So, I was surfing TV channels, as is my wont (still in love with randomness) and caught a snippet of a "news" item on Kim Kardashian being worth 40 million dollars and I stopped, stunned. Then I heard her speak for the first time, briefly, and she sounded like a not very intelligent child.

And I thought, what a weird country I live in where a woman who, as far as I can determine, is known for having a big butt and who speaks like a not very intelligent child could somehow be worth 40 millions dollars. Wow.

So many people I know are incredibly talented and have so much to offer the world, and do, mostly are terms of money. Or close to nothing. What a weird country, and weird times, I live in. Or am I missing something, other than times that weren't so weird in this particular way.

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Shem The Penman said...

O Tempora,
O Mores,
O to be Kardashian
Now the money's there.
--Shem The Penman--