Sunday, December 28, 2014


The police who turned their back on the mayor of New York at that policeman's funeral today (or yesterday by now) did a disservice not just to those officers whose deaths were being mourned (the funeral of only one, but both were mentioned in most of the eulogies) and to the office of the mayor, the highest democratically elected office in the city they work for, but to the uniform. Their action was a rebuke to the mayor, supposedly, as if they get to choose which mayors they'll show respect to and which they'll turn their backs on, like who the people elect means nothing to them, as if they are their own entity and follow their own rules and get to decide who they will respect, and who they will not, the latter being not just the mayor but unarmed black men who object to the way they are being treated or who decide to use the unlit stairwell in their own building.


tpw said...

That's an excellent point. Their disrespect runs in every direction. Plus, aren't they also "politicizing" what should have been a solemn event? They want the people protesting police murders to call a complete halt to their activities during the funerals, and before them, but then they stage their own protests. Hypocrisy in blue.

Lally said...

yours is an excellent point as well t