Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Others have said it better, but why arrest someone for selling loose cigarettes because the government doesn't get to collect taxes on that kind of transaction, why not just fine them the pennies the tax would add up to?

And if we're gonna go after people who do business without paying the proper tax, and go after them to the point of murdering them, then what about all those corporations that the law says are people and don't pay taxes? Can we get some lethal force applied to those mudderfrackers?


Anonymous said...

the Bottom Line problem is: that there are far too many x-military, red-necks as cops...

and, EVERY cop should have at least a two-year degree in law..... like lawyers

all that they seem to have regarding the law is: "I feared for my life"

Anonymous said...

besides that :

police use of choke holds
were banned in 1993 !

these cops learn this crap in The Police Academy !

they spent two hours ( which included a lunch break) absolving this cop ...

they have the film... AND the coroner saying he died from being choked and unable to breath NOT because he was over weight...

Curtis Faville said...

Murder seems kind of a strong word for this case.

Guys standing out on street corners selling stuff illegally--whether it's illegal drugs or illegal cigarettes. The guy had been arrested multiple times, and was a scofflaw. He shouldn't have been wrestled to the ground.

On the other hand, I don't like Tasers, either. How should this have been handled? Should they have left him alone? Really?

There are things we can't talk about in the media. One is price-collusion on oil. Another is tax cheating by the rich and corporations. Another is the sad state of public order in our major American city ghettos. Anyone who has to go into those places and bring order deserves a medal. I wouldn't do it if you paid me 200 grand a year. Life on the line? You bet. In the context of the given risk, some latitude seems appropriate. If a 13 year old approaches you with what appears to be an automatic repeating pistol, do you say "hey, son, what ya' got there?" Or do you draw your own piece and get ready for the worst?