Thursday, January 8, 2015


How can God, or Allah, be "great" and "all powerful" if that same God, or Allah, needs you to get a gun and shoot someone who you think has insulted God, or Allah? If God, or Allah, wanted to take vengeance on that alleged insulter, God, or Allah, could just "smite" them, right?

So every time one of these indoctrinated or misled so-called followers of God, or Allah, says they're acting in their God's, or Allah's, behalf it's like admitting their God, or Allah, is actually weak and indecisive and incapable of taking vengeance for His or Her or It self.

Thus the attack in Paris proved once again that the God, or Allah, of these kinds of attackers is too lame to act without their help. Some weak ass deity to my mind.


Anonymous said...

Joel Lewis used to get called "christ killer" but he got beat up for saying, "some god if *I* could kill him!"

love, Elinor

Lally said...

it's all about the stories we believe, seems to me, and whose version of them etc...