Monday, January 12, 2015


Only 57, way too tragic a loss. I knew him from both L.A. and NYC but not as well as many of our mutual friends. We shared a stage once or twice or maybe more, I'm still battling the flu or something so not as clearheaded as usual, if then.

He had a beautiful smile, as you can see above, which expressed what I saw as his good heartedness, but like a lot of comics he could be caustic sometimes in ways that seemed personal but weren't, just going for the obvious jokes that I seemed incapable of not setting up for any comic friends.

But more importantly, he was an amazing creative spirit who brought something tangibly unique to every role he played, every stand up routine or story-telling performance or painting he made and more. Truly, his like will not be seen again.

[Here's a relatively thorough career obit.]

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JenW said...

I met Taylor Negron with my friend Silmara the night we went to hear you read your poetry at The Cutting Room which seems a short while ago. What a beautiful smile he had indeed & a vibrant brilliant personality-
Way too young to leave - very sad news.