Thursday, August 10, 2017


me & neighbor/writer Elaine Durbach shortly after I moved back to Jersey 1999
my oldest sone Miles & me in his then backyard in The Berkshies c. 2000
me (playing a priest obviously) & Ed O'Neil on the set of The Big Apple 2000-01
me (at the piano) & actor/writer/musician Kale Browne at my 60th birthday party in The Berkshires 2002
 actor/writer Peter Coyote & me on the set of Deadwood 2003
me & writer/producer David Milch on the set of Deadwood 2003
me & the sweet horse whose name I forget but I was on his back sometimes galloping (unfortunately cut) for a couple of weeks and grew to totally love him/her (don't remember which) Deadwood set 2003
me & actor/writer Michael Harris on the set of The Technical Writer 2003
my youngest child Flynn & me on my good friend Anthony DiNovi's boat in New York harbor c. 2004 (photo probably by artist Lucy Chamberlin)
writer and old dear friend Dale Herd & me at a reading I did at Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach CA not sure what year
"the other actor/writer Michael Lally" (and director) after a reading I did in Venice Beach CA around 2004?
me & my son Flynn on Father's Day 2005 (photo by Jamie Rose)
my grandchild Eli & me c. 2005?
 actor/writer Jamie Rose & me c. 2005?
my son Miles & me in Jersey c. 2005?
me & the great poet Maureen Owen at the St. Mark's Poetry Project 2005?
me & my son Flynn c. 2005
me & my friend writer/therapist Bill Lannigan c. 200?
me & Flynn at the location in Jersey where they were shooting the outdoor pool scene for the movie Little Children, invited by my dear old friend photographer Robert Zuckerman (who took the shot)
me & my son Flynn contemplating a climbing wall c. 2007?
me & my son Flynn at KGB Bar in NYC where I was doing a reading, c. 200?
poet and dear old friend Simon Pettet & me outside the Saint Mark's Book Store when it was on 3rd Ave & 9th Street c. 2007?
poet and old and dearest friend Terence Winch & me in January 2009
Jamie Rose & me after my brain operation in November of 2009 (it was in NYC and she flew out from LA to be there for me, that's friendship (others came distances as well, just didn't get a photo with them)
me & my dear friend Sue Brennan (lawyer/writer/veteran/etc.) after my brain op in 2009, which she got up in the middle of the night to take me to, and after my older kids had to return to their families Sue stayed on my couch until I could take care of myself again) 

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