Thursday, August 31, 2017


me reading my poetry, with poets Doug Lang and Terence Winch looking on, and my then lady, Gloria, at Folio Books in DC c. 1976 
Terence Winch reading his poetry with poet Doug Lang and me & Gloria looking on at Folio Books in DC c. 1976 
novelist Jane DeLynn, my son Miles, me, & composer and my love Rain Worthington in my apartment in what was becoming "Soho" c. 1979
performance artist and poet Eric Trules, my son Miles, filmmaker Carol Dysinger, & me in Santa Monica c. 1987?
my then love and housemate the late Joan Baribeault & me with my visiting brother Buddy (AKA Jimmy) & my late sister-in-law Catherine, the last time I saw him alive (he was visiting a friend in L.A. and stopped to see me) c. 1990 
me, the multi-talented writer/poet/producer/director/etc. Eve Brandstein, with actors Stephen & Alec Baldwin L.A. c. 1990
me & a friend of my late oldest brother, Father Campion (AKA Tommy, who lived in Japan for most of his adult life, he's taking the photo) and her children, Japan c. 1993
me, on a  vist to DC, sitting with poets Beth Joselow & Lynne Dreyer, and the late novelist William McPherson c. 1994?
me, "MemoryMan", Bara Byrnes, and my then love Krystal, at a restaurant in Malibu c. 1995?
can't remember the man in the white tee shirt, but next to him are Malachy McCourt, me (those are our new books on the podium, the two of us were giving a reading) and the late writer/professor Dan Cassidy, in a San Francisco restaurant/bar I can no longer remember the name of 1997
actor Scott Johnson on big conga drum, me at piano, actors Karen Allen playing harmonica behind me and Kale Browne playing guitar next to me, at my 60th birthday party at Karen's place in The Berkshires 2002
two horse wranglers being extras on the set of Deadwood, with Peter Coyote as General Crock and me as Captain Bubb (both out of uniform for this scene) c. 2003 
my grandson Donovan, oldest son Miles, younger son Flynn, and me, in Jersey c. 2006?
my grandson Donovan, son Flynn, me & granddaughter Eli in Great Barrington MA c. 2007
my son Miles, grandson Donovan (in red shirt), me, & son Flynn on location for one of the Transformers movies as guests of the film's still photographer Robert Zuckerman (who took the photo) Princeton NJ 2008 
Claire Danes, two people I don't know, and me, reading at The Bowery Poetry Club NYC c. 2009?
old friends Doug Pell, Willy Farrell, Terence Winch, & me in NYC c. 2010?
My sons Miles and Flynn, & me, leaning over the photographer Robert Zuckerman at a show of his Kindsight photo/prose artwork in NYC c. 2012
my musician son Miles, me, and poets (and more) Ben Brandstein and Eve Brandstein at The Cutting Room NYC after a Poetry In Motion evening that we all performed at c. 2014
poet Susan Hayben, musician John Restivo, poet Bob Holman & me at The Cutting Room NYC before Susan and Bob and I read our poetry in a Poetry In Motion evening c. 2015 
poets Eve Brandstein, Susan Hayden, me, & Rachel E. Diken at The Gotham Comedy Club NYC where we read at a Poetry In Motion evening 2016

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