Wednesday, August 30, 2017


In times of trouble I turn to art. Usually poetry—either reading someone else's or writing my own—but also prose, paintings, live performance, movies, etc. During this tough week, I took a break last evening to go see THE GLASS CASTLE, which got mixed reviews but a friend had recommended. The friend was right. It is totally worth seeing.

Based on a book by Jeanette Walls, it's skillfully directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (and pretty well written by Andrew Lanham) who saves even the most seemingly contrived story turns with either unexpected grace and humor, or compelling emotional resonance. And the cast is terrific.

Woody Harrrelson gives an Oscar-worthy performance as the alcoholic dreamer/destroyer father, and Brie Larson as well, as the daughter who grows up to write the story of their relationship. There's several child actors who play Jeannette and her siblings at various stages, and they are all good, but Ella Anderson as the pre-teen Jeannette gives another of the award-deserving performances in this film.

Naomi Watts is great as the mother, though for my taste a bit miscast. And there are other minor characters played beautifully as well. The soundtrack is worth praising too. All in all, an emotionally satisfying movie that kept me engaged and entertained, despite it's tough subject, and subjects.

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